Slack-Jawed Yokel Attorney??

Slack-Jawed Yokel Attorney??

Slack-Jawed Yokel Attorney??
Cletus eating a rat for dinner?

Slack-Jawed Yokel Attorney


…we all shuddered at the thought of Cletus Smelley as a cesspool of jurisprudence. This is the dude that almost gave himself an ulcer studying for a urine test. Then the Slack-Jawed Yokel started dropping hints. the first one was…

“Pending the transcripts that I sent this morning, I have been accepted to the most prestigious law school in California. They sought me out, and classes begin April 9.”

Then we got:

“I was accepted to the best Law School in CA. I mulled it over, and today decided to go.”

We started thinking, Nah…impossible, well let’s give Cletus the benefit of the doubt.., could you imagine…hmm…best law school in California…? Berkley, Stanford, UCLA, USC

The best law schools in California [starting the highest rated]

  1. The University of California, Berkeley School of Law
  2. Stanford Law School
  3. The University of California at Los Angeles School of Law
  4. University of Southern California Gould School of Law

There is a comprehensive list at the bottom of this page.

Source: Above The Law BlogSlack-Jawed Yokel Attorney??

So what law school would accept a Slack-jawed Yokel…then an epiphany….Taft Law School, 19th out of 20 in California and on the list of TEN WORST LAW SCHOOLS in the United States…once again, Cletus Smelly disrespects himself…he has no self-esteem at all, and once you get to know him, you will agree he is right to view himself as an abysmal failure. So what do we know about his “prestigious school” that wanted him?

The average student here flunked out of dog groomer school

Slack-Jawed Yokel Attorney


Interesting side-note: Taft runs an unaccredited correspondence law school, though its law school is evidently not involved in the particular educational product it is offering to law grads.

The signer, Taft President Jerome Alley, can be confident that few recent Cal Western grads are satisfied that their professional goals are being met, what with Cal Western’s astonishing 31% bar-required job placement rate plus the fourth highest median per-student debt load of any law school in the country.

To recap. A bottom-tier law school takes three years of your life, plus your borrowed fortune fails to teach you how to practice law and leaves you to flounder.

In California, grads of unaccredited law schools can sit for the bar, but only if they first take and pass a so-called “Baby Bar” after their first year of law school. In its most recent administration,  only 11% (4/ 38) of Taft law students passed the Baby Bar. For Taft law students taking the first-year exam for the first time, the passage rate was 6% (1/16). Yes, Taft is a school with a lot of worthwhile legal instruction to offer. But, he could have gone lower but he didn’t…we think that is his way of having something to strive for.

The absolute worst BOTTOM OF THE BARREL law school in California is:

Thomas Jefferson –  147/144/142.  In January, TJ was found out of compliance by the ABA on Standard 501.   TJ dishonestly kept this secret from its prospective students, enabling the school to grow its enrollment.  But this school is digging itself is an ever deeper hole by admitting a pathetically weak class in a state where students with LSATs below 146 have extremely poor prospects of passing the bar, and everybody below 150 struggles.   Last year TJ had 232 students with a profile of 147/143/141, and the second highest non-transfer attrition rate in the country at 37.2%.  Despite knowing they were facing sanctions due in part to its lax admission policies, TJ chose to increase its class size and essentially maintain its abysmal admissions standards.  The one point increase at the 50th and 25th percentiles were offset by lower UGPAs across the board.  Not surprisingly, TJ was recently placed on probation by the ABA.  Expect droves of transfers from TJ this winter and next summer, and continued bar passage woes for the foreseeable future, assuming TJ can stay in business.

Comprehensive Listing of California Law Schools

Slack-Jawed Yokel Attorney??

Slack-Jawed Yokel Attorney