HR Block Made Homer Barf

HR Block Made Homer Barf and with good reason…using the terms “tax experts”, “tax gurus” and “superhero tax ninjas” in the same sentence with HR Block is enough to make any competent tax professional VOMIT.

HR Block Made Homer Barf
Cletus eating a rat for dinner?

Perhaps with exception of some Enrolled Agents that have been fed a diet of feces for so long they are immune.

Let’s also keep in mind that using self-aggrandizement to declare expertise that can NOT be confirmed is misleading advertising which is sanctionable under Circular 230, Sec. 10.30 states”

§ 10.30 Solicitation. (a) Advertising and solicitation restrictions. (1) A practitioner may not, with respect to any Internal Revenue Service matter, in any way use or participate in the use of any form of public communication or private solicitation containing a false, fraudulent, or coercive statement or claim; or a misleading or deceptive statement or claim. Enrolled agents, enrolled retirement plan agents, or registered tax return preparers, in describing their professional designation, may not utilize the term “certified” or imply an employer/employee relationship with the Internal Revenue Service…

Circular 230 Sec. 10.35 continues

§ 10.35 Competence. (a) A practitioner must possess the necessary competence to engage in practice before the Internal Revenue Service. Competent practice requires the appropriate level of knowledge, skill, thoroughness, and preparation necessary for the matter for which the practitioner is engaged.

§ 10.51 Incompetence and disreputable conduct. (a) Incompetence and disreputable conduct. Incompetence and disreputable conduct for which a practitioner may be sanctioned under §10.50 includes, but is not limited to — see Circular 230 for details

Circular 230, Sec. 10.52 provides sanctions for

 (a) A practitioner may be sanctioned under §10.50 if the practitioner —

(1) Willfully violates any of the regulations (other than §10.33) contained in this part; or

(2) Recklessly or through gross incompetence (within the meaning of §10.51(a)(13)) violates §§ 10.34, 10.35, 10.36 or 10.37.

If this were the first time we had seen unprofessional conduct, it would have been appropriate to share a private word with the tax practitioner involved. However, wait for it…this is certainly NOT the first instance of this type we have observed…here is an oldie but goodie…

How do we like this…HR Block offering attest work…well some people NEVER learn

If you observe incompetent or unprofessional conduct by an attorney, CPA or Enrolled Agent the place to fo and share that information is:

Internal Revenue Service
Office of Professional Responsibility
SE:OPR, Room 7238/IR
1111 Constitution Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20224

Maybe they should hire Bluewire Strategy to clean up the mess.