Slack-Jawed Yokel Approved Law Schools

Slack-Jawed Yokel Approved Law Schools

Slack-Jawed Yokel Approved Law Schools is a list of where criminals and mental defects acquire their illegal legal educations

1. Thomas Cooley Western Michigan U – 146/142/139. Cooley has already been found out of compliance with  Standard 501 by the ABA. They recently lost in their efforts to get a restraining order against the ABA to keep this secret from prospective students and did little to improve

Slack-Jawed Yokel Approved Law Schools
Cletus Having “Fresh Meat” for Dinner

their chances of having that decision reversed with this year’s embarrassing incoming class, with similar credentials to last year’s (147/141/138).   But the school is still making a fortune with an entering class of 458, third largest in the country (after Georgetown and Harvard). Cooley accepted 85.6% of applicants, far and away the highest acceptance rate in the country.  (Vermont, with 159 entering 1Ls, was second, with a 78.8% acceptance rate.)

2. Texas Southern – 146/143/141. Already sanctioned by the ABA for standards violations and under remedial measures, Texas Southern nevertheless enrolled a large class of 256 students, a significant increase from last year’s 227.  Unfortunately, these students are virtually all at high risk of failure.  The school grew its class by lowering its already dismal admission standards across the board.  Last year they were at 147/145/142.  What are they thinking? The school should be placed on probation.

3. (Tie) Appalachian – 149/143/141 Found out of compliance by the ABA last January and formally notified in May, they hid this fact from prospective students and managed to nearly double their class from 38 to 73 entering students, while very modestly increasing their numbers from 147/143/140. The bottom half of the class are all at extremely high risk of failure.  Their bottom 25% UGPA is an especially woeful 2.51, the lowest of any law school in the country.  Appalachian also boosted enrollment in its upper divisions by taking 16 transfers from Charlotte School of Law, which is not likely to boost their abysmal bar passage rate. Expect Appalachian to be sanctioned.

3. (Tie) Southern – 146/144/141. Number one on my list of schools that deserve to be sanctioned but haven’t yet. Southern has enrolled 200 students, virtually all of whom at are very high or extremely high risk of failure. They increased their class size to 200 from 171, so they could have raised standards, but basically held steady at atrocious. (Last year: 146/143/141) Where are you, ABA?

5. (Tie) Charleston – 148/145/142 Charleston enrolled a large class of 251 students, up from 215, by admitting 71% of applicants.  They could have been more selective and raised their standards considerably.  Last year: 149/145/141. So, for the last three years, at least 75% of Charleston’s class has been made up of high-risk students.  The ABA must put a stop to this exploitation.

Slack-Jawed Yokel Approved Law Schools

5.  (Tie)  Thomas Jefferson –  147/144/142.  In January, TJ was found out of compliance by the ABA on Standard 501.   TJ dishonestly kept this secret from its prospective students, enabling the school to grow its enrollment.  But this school is digging itself is an ever deeper hole by admitting a pathetically weak class in a state where students with LSATs below 146 have extremely poor prospects of passing the bar, and everybody below 150 struggles.   Last year TJ had 232 students with a profile of 147/143/141, and the second highest non-transfer attrition rate in the country at 37.2%.  Despite knowing they were facing sanctions due in part to its lax admission policies, TJ chose to increase its class size and essentially maintain its abysmal admissions standards.  The one point increase at the 50th and 25th percentiles was offset by lower UGPAs across the board.  Not surprisingly, TJ was recently placed on probation by the ABA.  Expect droves of transfers from TJ this winter and next summer, and continued bar passage woes for the foreseeable future, assuming TJ can stay in business.

6. N.C. Central – 149/145/142. Now that Charlotte has closed, NC Central takes over the mantle of least selective law school in North Carolina.  To their credit, they did raise their LSAT standards a bit by shrinking the class from 183 to 166.  Last year they were at 149/144/141.  But this one point increase at the 50th and 25th was offset by lower UGPAs across the board.  More troublingly, NC Central had the highest level of 1L non-transfer attrition of any law school in the country last year, at 37.7% nearly twice the rate that the ABA has stated will result in presumptive non-compliance with Standard 501.  The ABA needs to take a hard look at NC Central.

7.(tie) Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School – 149/146/144.  This school was recently notified that they are out of compliance with Standard 501 by the ABA, and now I am starting to understand why.  They’ve slipped from 2016 when they were at 149/148/145, and they had a 21.9% non-transfer attrition rate, 12th worst in the country, and above the ABA’s presumptive exploitation rate of 20%.   Last year they had 195 entering students.  This year 216.  This was not the year for the school to grow the class by lowering their standards.

Slack-Jawed Yokel Approved Law Schools

8. (tie) Florida A&M University – 149/146/144. FAMU is up a smidge from 148/145/144 last year, but not enough to reverse their sliding bar passage rate. With 222 students, up from 151, they could have maintained their class size or even grew modestly and raised standards considerably, instead of growing by 50%, remaining in the bottom 10 nationally. FAMU is practically begging for ABA scrutiny.

Concordia – 151/147/144. Although there are four other schools with a bottom 25% at 144 and 50% at 147,  and two of these have lower LSATs at the 75% by one point, the UGPAs at Concordia is by far the lowest of these five schools (3.24/2.90/2.59) so they narrowly edge the competition for the coveted tenth slot in the bottom 10.  Although Concordia had great bar results last summer, they have placed their future in jeopardy by lowering their standards for the fourth year in a row.  Their entering class of 2014 was at 157/152/149.  2015: 154/150/146.  2016: 151/149/145.  This year: 151/147/144.  And other than Valparaiso, which recently announced it was suspending admissions,  Concordia had the smallest entering class of any law school in the country, at just 48 students.  Not good signs.

Slack-Jawed Yokel Approved Law Schools

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