Slack-Jawed Yokel Q&A

Slack-Jawed Yokel Q&A

Q- Where did you grow up?

A – Southern Indiana, mom, and dude who I always that donated the cum that made me owned a filthy truck stop named “The Roach Motel”.

Q – Tell us about your parents

A. Dad was a tweaker who made extra $$ cooking meth in a trailer in back of the Roach Motel. He is in prison for 277 years for selling crank to third graders and Special Ed school.

Mom worked days as a maid at the Roach Motel and evenings flat backing with any trucker that got blind truck enough to screw a hag with one tooth in the top of her mouth.

Q – Where did you learn about entrepreneurship?

A – I used to hustle cokes and condoms for the truckers that used to screw my mom.

Q – What do you do for fun?

A – I beat women and sodomize children…I’m a real Trumper.